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MyOnlineToolbox users can email many forms of documents including Estimates, Invoices and Work Orders.

Unfortunately there are various reasons why an email may not go through.  Many are do to common mistakes and issues such as:

  • mispelling
  • an email address no longer valid
  • the recipients mail server is down
  • the person has a high level of security in place and is blocking our domain

There are other times where someone is trying something that MyOnlineToolbox doesn't allow. We catch it and immediately suspend the account since our goal is to maintain the best possible environment for a contractor who is serious about their business.

SCROLL FURTHER DOWN IF YOU WISH TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS TOPIC since we further explain the messages.  Sometimes understanding the code in the email message may make it easier for you to decide what to do next.

We will be pro-active and share internal messages that come through the MyOnlineToolbox servers in order for you to then take an alternative course of action with your customer.

Ensure the email address from the postmaster at our servers is entered into your email-spam-junk folders so these alerts can automatically come to you. 

Learn about the email filters from our What Should I Do First help page.

The message we send will provide some quick ways for you to work around the problem, including:
1) Check the message since there is a chance the person simply is not receiving due to their own email problems.
2) Check the email address since there is a chance you made a mistake, or possibly changed just one letter that prevented the communication. If you are not sure who the customer may be, go and search for the customer name using the email address below.
3) You can ask the customer for another email address if there is an unforeseen problem with the current email you are using
4) You can change the email and send it to yourself in order to get the document into your internal email systems and then forward the email.
5) You can fax the document using the MyOnlineToolbox platform option (if you are a Premium Member)
6) You can print and mail the document on a worst case basis.

Many times our proactive support communication will include an error message that will have a code generated by the email server that looks like the following:

 #< #5.1.1 smtp;550 Not our Customer> #SMTP#

The smtp stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, an Internet standard for electronic mail (e-mail) transmission across Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

This shows 2 error messages, the first error message (5.1.1) was recorded by the sending server, the recipient server sent a clarified message (in this case 550).  This message example is rather self explanatory. 

Following is a list of errors we have composed so far.  Let us know if you encounter one that is not listed so we can research and add it here.

Error codes for the first digits are: 
3: The server has understood the request, but requires further information to complete it.
4: The server has encountered a temporary failure. If the email attempt is repeated it might be completed. 
5: The server has encountered an error.

Errors codes for the second digit are:
0: A syntax error has occurred. 
1: Refers to general informational items. 
2: Refers to the connection status.
5: Refers to the status of the mail system as a whole and the mail server in particular.
6: Refers to the status of the mail server.

The most common errors we see are those that have

500 The receiver's email has antivirus software and/or a firewall that is stopping the communication

51x Permutations: Problem with email address.
510 Check the recipient address.
511 Another problem to Check the recipient address. 
512 SMTP; 550 Host unknown. An error is triggered when the host name can’t be found.  An example comes from trying to send an email to joe@
513 Another problem to check the recipient address.


AOL Recent Issues

We have recently started to attempt to address a new issue originating only from AOL.  Unfortunately working with AOL from the outside is not as easy as we would like.  If you are a customer experiencing an AOL issue and also have an AOL account, then please send us a support ticket so we can help guide you to make a request to AOL to help fix the issue.  While it make take some time, perhaps a few people sending a note will eventually work its way up the support channel.

The problem is you may be trying to reach a customer using MyOnlineToolbox and then we receive this reply. 

Remote Server returned '< #5.2.1 smtp;521 5.2.1 : AOL will not accept delivery of this message.>'


Unfortunately this error is not part of the AOL listings found but we have learned it is an AOL issue from research outside the AOL website.   But before we researched externally, we first checked to make sure that all looks clear on MyOnlineToolbox side, and AOL tools give us a Success! With no warnings.

AOL Postmaster Results for MOTB 


So we then have researched other forums and finding similar results as follows, with the last sentences basically being where we have to get more customer support (who have AOL accounts) to get attention. 

AOL 521 Error When Trying To Send MOTB communication 

We then created a support ticket directly to AOL from our company, as well as we had one customer send their own direct AOL Support ticket for assistance.  Please let us know if you have an AOL Email account so we can give you the correspondence we wish for you to send them.  Perhaps we can get their assistance with multiple genuine informative requests.

After submitting our support ticket request, including providing some really good information to demonstrate our business, we were met with what seems as an auto-generated "Request Denied" communication.  Unfortunately there is no one we can speak to in order to find our "what exactly is the reason" so we are just providing as much details as possible to demonstrate we are going through the motions.

One of the guidelines indicates we need to have an Unsubscribe in our Newsletter, and that we have MyOnlineToolbox Unsubscribe

We checked our reputation with AOL and there are three levels, Positive, Neutral and Negative.  Positive is for known emailing companies, for which we are not.  Negative is a known spammer.  Neutral is just someone who sends emails and newsletters, etc.  What is not nice to see is the reference to "Recent activity that is not available to below page", meaning it can be anything AOL is doing.  We will continue to go through the process to see what else we can possibly do - but unfortunately we are not getting a specific issue being sent to us - so the ambiguity is the challenge.

MyOnlineToolbox AOL Postmaster Reputation 


We then signed up for an AOL service called AOL Postmaster Alerts and NEVER got one alert during the period above and waiting a month (as requested) before resubmitting our request to be added to the White List.  It was denied again without any explanation other than asking us to sign up for the Postmaster Alerts again.

AOL Postmaster Whitelist Request Denied


So we immediately signed up for the Alerts Confirmation in order to see if anything new appears over the next month.   Unfortunately we can not obtain any direct communication with an AOL support representative so we will just go through the motions but clearly see there is something blocking emails that we have no control of.

AOL Postmaster Alerts not helping MyOnlineToolbox