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MyOnlineToolbox™ is an Internet-based business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) application that allows contractors in repair and remodeling to manage front office and back office processes. We help contractors find work, manage work, and get paid. MyOnlineToolbox addresses the need for automation and provides increased efficiency for an industry predominantly running its business on paper.

All you need is an Internet connection. Start up is easy and affordable. The B2B portion allows contractors to share leads, track work orders and manage RFQ’s between members. The B2C portion provides contractors with a means to offer estimates, scheduling updates and invoices to homeowners.

  • Store your customers, contractor and suppliers
  • Manage jobs
  • Create estimates
  • Schedule work orders
  • Insert change orders
  • Invoice customers
  • Deploy work orders and RFQ’s over the internet
  • Receive job updates from sub contractors and employees
  • Order materials directly from your suppliers
  • Send estimates, work orders, purchase orders and invoices via the internet
  • Get job referrals from other members of MyOnlineToolbox
  • Take the office to the field with a mobile computer