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ServusXchange, LLC
Our operating times are based on normal business hours, Monday to Friday, Eastern Time.  Many times we will get back to people outside of normal business hours and a lot has to do with the quality of the communication in addition to whether we are available or not.


For Customers

Support calls should not be made to the company since all members are required to Log In to MyOnlineToolbox and use the "Support Form" found in main navigation menu   .  Many times members using this mechanism are replied to after non-business hours.   You can call on a worst case basis and leave a voice message and it will be routed through our support process.  It may be a little slower process but we will get the communication.

If for some reason you can not log in then send an email to support [ a  t ] myonlintoolbox Dot  Com with the title "Service Support Request: Can Not Log In".  Then in the details give us your

  • Company Name
  • Your Name
  • Business Number and
  • Cell Phone Number

We need alternative ways to reach you when looking to veify it is indeed you.  Please be patient if it takes a few business hours since there are many security topics that have come up when someone can't log in, and we prefer to be more cautious then less, especially with employee related topics that have come about over the years.  We will research and get back to you as fast as we can.

If it is for another support related reason, then follow the above instructions, except just change the "Can Not Log In" in the subject header to something close to your topic. 

Note: The support [ a t ] myonlinetoolbox Dot Com should be spelled the correct way since we designed this to not be picked up by automatic website crawlers.


For General Inquiries

Please go to the MyOnlineToolbox website and in the following menu item  then select Contact Us.   Customers Logging In and using the Support Form take precedence over general inquiries.  The reason is numerous items are automatically tracked inside the application such as browser version and screen resolution that makes it easier to service our members.   Members using the Corporate Info - Contact Us method, and not the Support feature above usually have a longer wait time, especially after hours.


Phone: (954) 786-0883

Note: Phone support is a limited feature available to Paid Premium Subscription members only.  A support ticket must still first be initiated by the Premium Subscription User and then ServusXchange, LLC will make the determination if a phone call is needed in order to further clarify the issue.  Remember, in the event you can not log in, then please be very specific with the instructions above including your company name, your name, return phone numbers (business and cell) and log in email address so that we can attempt to assist you before we call back.