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MyOnlineToolbox has two versions of its platform software, a Basic Subscription and a Premium Subscription.  The Basic Subscription has a Free (Limited Use) version and a Paid (Unlimited Use) Version.  The Premium Subscription only has a Paid Version. 

Can I try the Basic Subscription without paying?  Yes, and we encourage it.  The Free Basic Limited Use Subscription is 100% identical to the Paid Basic Subscription.  You can try it for Free, then upgrade once you hit the transaction limit.  No data is lost during the upgrade process from the Free Basic Subscription and the Paid Basic Subscription.

There is no time limit other than how long it takes for you to create enough transactions to hit the limit (currently set to 15).

The way to review how many transactions have been created by using the system is to go to the My Account section on the top left hand side and selecting the Billing - Account Info option as shown below.

My Account - Billing Account Info


Upon selecting the Billing option, the following will appear as shown below.

Transaction Overview


Special Note: The Estimate, Invoice and Work Order Count may not be 100% accurate if you worked on a document and perhaps deleted it.  The counter is designed to keep track of new documents created, but not necessarily still saved.  We intentionally increased the limit to cover for these minor variables in order for the new user to gain comfort in order to decide to stay with the platform.  Keep in mind that there are numerous payment options, including a low monthly option that would give the user a very little financial investment and commitment to continue trying if the transaction limit is hit but you still want more time to try before making a longer commitment (with a financial savings).

Special Note: The Fax Count is not a limitation for the Basic Version.  It is a limitation to upgrade to the Premium Version.

Special Note: The Transaction Overview goes away once you are a paying subscriber.

What happens when I hit the transaction limit for the Free Basic Version?   You can still access all other information that has been previously created.  You just can not create new transactions.  When you try to create a new transaction you will be brought to a screen that looks similar to the following.  For Free Basic Users, you can then upgrade and select the current pricing options offered.  Or you may decide to even upgrade to the Premium Version at this time, and you can always downgrade to the Basic Version at a later time.


Upgrade Message