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You can upload files and documents for a job, and have them stored just for internal references or to be shared with your customer using the portal for Connecting To Your Customers

SPECIAL NOTE: Currently this is a future feature that was completed and was being used - but became unsupported due to a Microsoft Silverlight technology that Microsoft began to not support.  These features were not actively used so we decided to just let it stay since it works but does require the consumer to possibly load a plug in that they may not want to install.  The feature will need to be redone using a more prevailing technology but there is no plan at this time. Specifics are ommitted here due to competitive reasons.  This information is a placeholder for future review.  Please inquire to further discuss.

Special Note: Storing Files and Documents would be a Premium (Paid) Subscription feature.  For more information on the Basic (Free) Version versus Premium (Paid) Subscription features please go here.

To begin, you need to be inside a job and select the Files tab toward the right hand side.


Upon selecting the Files tab you will see the following

The number you see in front of the words "Job Files" is our unique way of managing the file structure, starting with the Job #.


Choose the Upload icon in order to access your local directories to save them to the Job files.


In the below example, the user already had file names that had some understanding towards them.  And this is suggested, especially if you plan on sharing your documents.  Perhaps you may not have a good file name, and if so, just upload it since MyOnlineToolbox allows you to change the name as will be shown further on.


Upon Uploading the two files as shown above, you will see something similar to the following


By default, the system assumes you are not sharing any documents unless you specifically check the Shared checkbox as shown below.  An example of something you not wish to share may be rough design work, documents from sub-contractors, etc.  ONLY CHECK THE SHARED CHECKBOX IF YOU WISH FOR YOUR CUSTOMER TO BE ABLE TO VIEW THESE DOCUMENTS WHEN USING THE CUSTOMER PORTAL FEATURE.


You can also create directories for these files to be stored by selecting the following icon

This icon will then bring you through a simple process to create a folder as shown below


And in the below example you could have other folders such as Permits, Pictures, SubContractors, etc.


You can go back and forth between directories by using the  icon which would then change the screen to look like the following.


Perhaps you may have a folder called Pictures and you upload some files from your camera that do not have any special file name as shown below

Since the above has two shared files and your customer would not understand the file names, you may want to change them to Before.pdf and After.pdf.


Simply put your mouse on the file you wish to change the name for, and hit the right mouse button to get the following


Select Rename to get the following

and change to something like the following

Then repeat to get the following files saved


And now you can share these documents with your customers by following these instructions here.

Upon your customer accessing the portal, they will see something similar as follows


By clicking on the Job Files icon, they would seem something similar to the following


And by selecting the file above allows the customers to work with the file like with other similar environments