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Preset Items

What are preset items?

Preset items are broken down into 3 categories.
  1. Single Tasks, Materials or Expenses:
    You can store the common Tasks, Materials and Expenses you perform everyday as Presets. You can save the pricing information along with the Task Description. This will increase your efficiency by allowing you to add these common Tasks to any job with just a click and you can quickly maintain all company pricing in a single location. 
  2. Assemblies:
    If you find yourself rewriting the same set of job tasks, materials and or expenses over and over again, then Assemblies are for you! You can combine many tasks, materials and expenses into one assembly that is added to a job with a single click.
  3. Templates:
    Using Preset Templates is the fastest and most efficient way you can create repetitive or reoccurring estimates, work orders or invoices. One click creates the whole job with every line item, material and note you’ll need. You can even define different warranty, terms and conditions for each template. Plus maintain all your costs and pricing in a single location.

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How do I create, edit or delete folders?

Right click on any folder and you are presented with the following,
  • Add Folder
  • Rename Folder
  • Delete Folder

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Can I move tasks from one folder to another folder?

Yes, we provide drag and drop functionality between items and folders in certain areas.

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