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One or more deposits can entered against estimates.  These deposits can automatically be copied over to invoices that are created in order to better ensure that your customers know exactly what is due them.  To begin, go to the Estimate Information tab and view the Terms section.  You will initially see a section with no records to disply in the Deposits Received section similar to the following.


To add a deposit, simply select the  


Then a dialogue window in the Deposits Received section will appear as shown below


You can then enter one or more payments as shown below


When you are ready to invoice, a dialogue window will appear that will indicate that deposits will carry over to the new invoice as shown below


The deposits will automatically be placed in the Payments & Credits section as shown below


You can then see these payments simply by clicking on  which will bring up the same exact information that was in the Deposits Received section of the estimate.  It will look just as shown below


This same information will be visible if you select the  selections.  The following example shows the Payments & Credit if you print the invoice.


The same information is available on the Customer Portal if the customer goes to print the invoice themselves.