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The Estimate section is where you view, create, edit and manage all your Estimates.

Adding a new estimate is easy and can be accomplished in a few ways.

The main purpose of this page is to help you create a brand new estimate for a brand new job, however, some natural permutations are discussed too.

Note: A Job must exist or be created before you can create an estimate. 

Note: More than one estimate can exist for a Job.

WARNING: You may need to have separate jobs for separate estimates. For example, you may be Remodeling A House, which will consist of multiple estimates for the Bathroom, Kitchen and Bedrooms. Our suggestion would be to create three new jobs in this situation so that you can easily track one or more estimates for the Bathroom, one or more estimates for the Kitchen; and one or more estimates for the Bedrooms. While you can technically accomplish this in one job using MyOnlineToolbox, it will be cumbersome to naturally organize. We even bring up a warning within the application just to ensure you to not confuse yourself.

Note: If you are looking to create a new estimate for the same job by copying then learn how by Copying Tasks From Same Job Creating a New Document.


Step by Step

then select one of the following estimate buttons


Special Note: Creating New Estimates from saved Templates is a Premium (Paid) Subscription feature.  For more information on the Basic (Free) Version versus Premium (Paid) Subscription features please go here.  For more information on Creating New Estimates from a saved Template please go here.

Suggestion: If you are relatively new to business systems, then first learn how to Manually add Tasks to a New Estimate and also understand Preset Items before learning Saved Templates.  Advanced users can just move to Templates.


Upon selecting , you will see a screen similar to the following


After entering the information, then you can Add Tasks, Add MaterialsAdd Expenses and Add Notes.

When completed go back to the Estimate Information tab so that you can

Then to leave completely you can