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Creating an Estimate, Work Order or Invoice is made easier when using Presets.

Presets are where you can store the common Tasks, Materials, Expenses and Notes you use everyday in estimates, invoices, work orders, and purchase orders.  Using Presets will increase your efficiency by allowing you to import these common items with just a click.  This eliminates the retyping of repetitive items.

Presets must first be entered into the system before they can be imported.  To learn how to set up Presets go here.

You should already be familiar with manually adding Tasks before using Presets.  To learn how to manually add Tasks go here.

Step by Step

Create a Job then go to the Estimates Tasks tab as shown below


then select Import Tasks from the following buttons


Selecting Job Tasks is used when you are looking to copy one estimate from a job to a second estimate.  For example, you sent an estimate to a customer who asked for you to send a second estimate with a few changes.  Job Tasks is the option you use for this specific circumstance.

Select Preset Tasks to continue as shown below.


In the above example, Permits and Admin Fees are part of the Default Tasks folder.

If you wish for this item to be part of the Estimate then simply check the item and then select the Import Selected Tasks.


Upon selecting the Import Selected Tasks above, the item is Imported and creates the Estimate as shown below.


Now you can import tasks that are grouped for the bathroom by going back to Import Tasks, selecting Preset Tasks, then selecting the Bathroom Remodeling folder and then the tasks that you wish to import.


Upon selecting the Import Selected Tasks above, the items are Imported and creates the Estimate as shown below.


Now change any item using the Edit feature in order to change descriptions, prices, quantities, etc.


When you are done with your edits, go to the Estimate Information tab in order to finalize with the Save Estimate button below  and then the Close button  if you are done completely working on this document.