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Sometimes you may need to create a revised document for the same job.  A good example is creating multiple estimates with revisions in order to get the job.

MyOnlineToolbox has a easy method for you to copy all or some of the tasks from an existing document inside a customer job, and creating a new document inside the same job using all or some of that data.

It is assumed you already know how to create an estimate before looking to copy (or import) data for a second estimate.

Step by Step

First you will already will have a Job created as well as an existing estimate for that Job with tasks set up as shown below.

Oringal Estimate Tasks from Existing Job to copy


So for the following example, we will go back to the Estimate Tab to show the above has been saved and is currently the only estimate for this particular job.

Job Estimate Tab to showing one estimate


Notice that you can now create a New Revised Estimate with the following on the top right

  New Revised Estimate


Duplicate Contractor Estimate Warning  You may need to have separate jobs for separate estimates.  For example, you may be Remodeling A House, which will consist of multiple estimates for the Bathroom, Kitchen and Bedrooms.  Our suggestion would be to create three new jobs in this situation so that you can easily track one or more estimates for the Bathroom, one or more estimates for the Kitchen; and one or more estimates for the Bedrooms.   While you can technically accomplish this in one job using MyOnlineToolbox, it will be cumbersome to naturally organize.  We even bring up a warning within the application just to ensure you to not confuse yourself.

New Revised Estimate Warning



Once you start to create your new revised estimate, you will see the familiar New Task option including the Import Tasks

Import Tasks to create New Revised Estimate



Upon selecting Import Tasks you will get the Import Wizard

Task Import Wizard 

In the Import from section, you would then change it to Estimates (but this can change if you are in a different area of the system).

Select Estimates To Import From  


Upon selecting "Estimates" you will then get more information to choose from, so select the originating Estimate you wish to copy task data from.

Select Estimate Number for task to Copy


After selecting the Estimate, all the information from that estimate will appear on the screen

Tasks to select to copy to new revised estimate


Select the specific tasks you wish to copy then choose Import Selected Tasks as shown below.

Select specific tasks to copy


Upon selecting Import Selected Tasks, you will then have all the items copied into your new estimate.

Remember to Save the Estimate after making any changes.

Contractor Estimate Task Sorting Warning Items copied may loose their sorting so you may need to drag-and-drop to re-organize the tasks.

Selected tasks for New Contractor Estimate