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New Tasks are easy to add.  You can do this simply by

  • Manually adding them one-by-one, or
  • Importing them from saved Presets, or
  • Importing them from saved Templates  

Manually adding Tasks one-by-one, or by importing them from saved Presets are done in this Estimate Tasks section.  Importing Tasks from a saved Template is done on the Estimate Information section.  More information about how to Import from saved Templates can be found here

Special Note: Saved Templates is a Premium (Paid) Subscription feature.  For more information on the Basic (Free) Version versus Premium (Paid) Subscription features please go here.

Suggestion: First learn how to Manually add Tasks and also understand Presets before learning Saved Templates.  Advanced Users can just move to Templates.

Step by Step

Create a Job then go to the Estimates Tasks tab as shown below


then select New Task from the following buttons

Note: Import Tasks are explained towards the bottom of this page to maintain continuity.

Selecting New Task above will allow you manually enter tasks, similar to just writing down anything you wish on a blank form.  The default category is "Tasks" which is a feature that is available if you wish to group certain items.  This grouping of items is also part of the Preset Items features.

Note: While we say "similar to just writing down anything you wish on a blank form", we also mean subject to some limitations, and currently that is 300 characters per line item (subject to change).  So if you run out of space then you just need to add a new task line.

Leaving the default category as Tasks will then look similar to the following upon saving a task.

You can also type in a category to group tasks similar to the following

After using a new group category, it will be available for selection upon entering new tasks. 

Note: you must remember to change the category as you enter each new task.  This can be easily corrected as will be explained after the next screen shot.

An example of the grouping by category will look like the following

You may have made a mistake an put a task in the wrong group.  An example is the "Install new tile in shower" below that was intended to go into the Bathroom Remodel grouping

All you need to do is drag the "Install new tile in shower" line item to the Bathroom Remodel grouping and the information is moved to its new grouping section.  Note: this is sensitive so you may inadvertingly place the item a line above or below where you really wish it to be.  Simply just move the other items in the same manner to have the items look the way you are intending them to be.

Importing Tasks from saved Presets makes the above even easier, especially if you repetively use the same items.  Learn more by going here