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Here is where you store and maintain the customers you perform work for. MyOnlineToolbox allows you to directly email and or even fax estimates and invoices to customers (provided you have entered a email address or fax number).  Note: Faxing is for Premium subscribers but new users are allowed a few free trys.

Step by Step

  1. Select  from the main options on top.
  2. The Customer List is now shown and you can either add a  or select an existing one.
  3. Creating a new customer begins with basic information and you should try to include the email address so when you are ready to send the customer an email, the email address auto populates the form so you don't need to remember it.
  4. Then you need to .  Upon entering the address you will be given a chance to validate as shown here .   You will then get a validation message similar to the following
  5. You can now Save Address as shown above.  Once saved the system will display a screen similar to the following There are times that you may still want to save a non-validated address, such as those that are new and not formally recognized by a mapping service.  The validation is an extra check that what you are typing is correct, but you can save an unvalidated address.  
  6. You can optionally add contacts and notes for this customer
  7. Then you need to 

Quick Tips

When entering an address you can quickly enter whatever information you have. Often you can add the city name without the zip or the zip without the city name. When you click the "Verify Address" button, many times the system will find the correct address, clean up the way you entered the information and add whatever information was missing.  But it is not perfect since we interface to other systems so please just review the results before continuing.