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The Contractors section is a place for your to store the list of contractors you will use or have used on a job. Think of this list as your personal directory of contractors. You can easily add your contractors and quickly find them to retrieve an address, phone number, or edit their information, or send them work.

This section also identifies those contractors who you have connected with in order to create lead sharing opportunities.  This is completely independant of just listing someone as a company you do business with.

Here in this section you can also store contractor compliance information such as their license and insurance. Copies of the license and insurance documents can be uploaded and stored. Storing this information electronically in MyOnlineToolbox makes it easy and fast to retrieve and protects you from losing this information.

If you are working with another member of MyOnlineToolbox, all their contact and compliance information is made available to you instantly as a member to member connection without you having to type a thing! When contractor members make changes to their phone, address or compliance documents, you have access to those changes instantly.

If you want to work with existing MyOnlineToolbox members, you can search the Member Directory by area or trade. Then ad these members to your list and you can send work to them immediately.

Step by Step

  1. Select the  option on the main menu navigation bar at the top of your screen.
  2. The "Contractors List" is now open.
  3. Choose the contractor you want to view or edit by clicking on the contractors name or the edit icon 
  4. You can search for a contractor by choosing a letter in the row above that begins with the contractors name.
  5. You can also import a contractor into your list from the member directory.
  6. To learn more see "Importing Member Contractors"