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There are times when you need to edit your contractor information. Editing the contractor information is easy. Instructions to edit this are below. However, if the contractor happens to be a member of MyOnlineToolbox it's even easier. Go to "Update Member Contractor" to see how this is done.

Step by Step

  1. Find "Contractors" on the main menu navigation bar at the top of your screen and click it.
  2. The "Contractors List" is now open.
  3. Find the contactor you would like to edit in the list and click on the contractors name to open their record.
  4. The"Contractor Information" tab is now open.
  5. Now make the necessary changes in any text box provided in this contractor record.
  6. Change the "Contractor Trade Type" by clicking the "Green Plus Sign" icon to open the Trade Type window.
  7. You may also make changes to the contractors address at this time. Click on the "Add New Address" button or click any address in the address list to edit a current address.
  8. Next, in the "Contractor Type" window, click the "Green Plus Sign" to expand this section.
  9. The address entry form will open. Click here on "Edit Address" for details on this topic. 
  10. When finished, click the "Save" button in the "Action Tool Bar" at the top right. Saving will close the "Contractor Form".

Quick Tips

When entering an address you can quickly enter whatever information you have. Often you can add the city name without the zip or the zip without the city name. When you click the "Verify Address" button, more than 90% of the time the system will find the correct address, clean up the way you entered the information and add whatever information was missing.