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To save time, add the contractors you work with to your "Contractor List". Then you can send them a work order or "request for quote" with just a click. Send it to them using our "Click to Share" technology and they will get free access to MyOnlineToolbox to complete the work order or "request for quote" you sent them! (their email address is required) This will speed up the response from them and you can monitor the progress of the work you pass to them.

If you want to work with existing MyOnlineToolbox members, you can search the Member Directory by area or trade. Then ad these members to your list and you can assign work orders to them immediately.

Step by Step

  1. Find "Contractors" on the main menu navigation bar at the top of your screen and click it.
  2. The "Contractors List" is now open.
  3. Create a new contractor by clicking the New Contractor button on the "Action Tool Bar" on the top right.
  4. Open an existing contractor by clicking on the contractor name or click the edit icon 
  5. Edit a contractor by simply opening it.
  6. Make your changes and click the "Save Contractor" button within the "Action Tool Bar".