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We have made the MyOnlineToolbox Customer Job Interface really easy to use and believe the vast majority of users will not need any help using the platform.  

In the chance you need to help quide your customer, we have created an easy to follow Customer User Guide for you or your customer to review.

The only question will probably come during the first use when the system prompts the customer to install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.  It looks like the following.

This plug-in is one of the most advanced browser features released by Microsoft enabling MyOnlineToolbox to give your customer a really easy interface to work with you.  More information can be found here.

All you need to do is tell your customer to follow the above instructions which will then bring them to screens that look like the following:


Upon choosing the Click to Install above, the following will appear



Then your customer will choose Run and the following will appear



Choosing Run will finish the installation.

Microsoft and Silverlight are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.