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Electronically collaborating more efficiently in these short steps.  

Step by Step

  1. Create a new Estimate or Invoice
  2. Select the Print/Send button as if you were going to Print or EMail
  3. Choose the Share icon instead of Email, Print or Fax

Share Icon to select to start customer collaboration  

A dialogue box will appear filled out with the information your customer will follow to access the job information.  Just hit Send and that is it.  You are done.  Now just wait for your customer to reply. 

Quick Tips

Be careful when changing text inside the communications email since you may alter the links or encrypted codes that are being sent to your customer.   By doing so will stop your customer from accessing their information.  We suggest that you limit any changes to the start of the email (just after the Dear Customer) to avoid an error being sent to your customer.

You can change the email address when hitting Send and the entire communication will go to another individual to review the job.  Note that the customer's email address is part of the attached Job Link code so whomeever you are sending the Job to will be aware of it when going to access the Job.

You can also Share a Job without using the above feature.