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The Email alert sent to your customer will look like the one below.  A minor difference may be in the Subject of the email.  For example, it will say New Job Note from Company Name if a new note was added that generates an automatic Email alert.    

Subject: Your Job from Company Name

Job Number: 5073
Job Name: Door Replacement

Dear Customer,

We wish to offer the best communications between our company and you for the job at your property.
Enclosed are the instructions for you to access Estimates, Invoices and notes you wish to share with us.
Of course you are welcome to call if that is your preferred method of communicating with us.

One way to access your Job is to follow this link:  Job Link

If you cannot open the above Job Link please copy and paste the following into your browser's address bar: =EncryptedCode

Or you can also go to our Job Communications Platform by following this link:

And enter your email and job code:

Email: CustomerEmail
Job Code: EncryptedCode

Your Name
Your Company
Your Address
Your Phone