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You may need to send a communication for the customer to access the job without any new action that automatically creates a communication.  A reason why may be that the customer never did get your email (perhaps becuase it went to a spam folder or perhaps they deleted it by mistake).  Resending the information to access an estimate, invoice or notes is easy. 

Step by Step

  1. Go into an existing job
  2. The top right section has the Share icon to force a communication to access a job. 

 Share Job

Upon hitting the Send Message, an email communication will be sent to your customer making them aware of the information to review.  

Now just wait for your customer to reply. 

Quick Tips

You can change the email address when hitting Send and the entire communication will go to another individual to review the job.  Note that the customer's email address is part of the attached Job Link code so whomeever you are sending the Job to will be aware of it when going to access the Job.

Selecting the Share Job at the Job level will not automatically check the Disply to Customer checkbox in all estimates and invoices as is does within each specific estimate or invoice.  The Share Job icon above simply resends the access information for the Job to the customer, but the details of each estimate or invoice that you wish to share is still maintained at the estimate or invoice level.