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Start collaborating more efficiently with your contractor by the time you are done reviewing this short guideline.   

Step by Step

  1. Go to the encrypted log in link provided by your contractor to review a Job
  2. Hit the View Job button to access the platform

Quick Tips

All the information should automatically be there if you selected the Job Link from the email sent by your contractor.  If not, then there could be a chance that the email became corrupt.   Please call your contractor (with the information that was on the email sent) and ask him to Share the Job again in order to resend the link.

Also, upon the first use of the Customer Job Interface, you may be guided to install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin that looks like the following.

This plug-in is one of the most advanced browser features released by Microsoft enabling MyOnlineToolbox to give you a really easy interface to work with you.  If you see this then go to the Quick Tips in the Overview for instructions to continue.