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Before September 2102 MyOnlineToolbox offered a validation service as part of the saving process for new addresses, with the intent of helping reduce errors for a job site location.  Various customer requests came in for us to change how we handle addresses.  We replaced the mapping features to best accomodate our customer requests.  These instructions review all aspects of how we handle addresses including mapping of addresses. 

Note: When you do not know an address or will never have one.   It is imortant to note that MyOnlineToolbox is a based mostly on the premise that a contractor will do work at a particular job site.   There are two forms of examples of users wishing to enter an address that is incomplete.  One is for when a new lead doesn't have all the information, and the other is when a contractor may sell something from their facility in addition to providing a service.  In either case, the user will be forced to enter something into the address fields.  Some customers use these forms of variations, but you can use whatever you think would be good for your company:

                Not Applicable or NA

                Need to Find Out or TBD or To Be Determined

                Don't Know or DK

Mapping of an address is an extra feature but not a requirement in order to save an address.  The system will attempt to map with whatever information is known, but an incomplete address may only bring up the State, or whatever limited information the system sees from the address information.

 Step by Step

  1. Learn how to Add New Address.
  2. Learn how to Edit An Address.