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Edit of an address is almost identical to that of Add New Address.

Usually the address will be changed when there was a mistake, or perhaps some notes such as Need To Find Out have to be replaced in order to maintain data integrity as discussed in the Address Overview

Step by Step

For the purpose of this example, we will demonstrate how to edit a Customer Address but the process is the same for other addresses.  

  1. Get the customer by going to the Customer List Customer List  .
  2. Find the customer you wish to change the address for and select the Edit Icon  .
  3. Then go to the Address section and select the address you wish to Edit (or change) and simply follow the steps for Add New Address.

Quick Tips

Reminder, the Map An Address to change is a tool designed to help you with data entry or look up a location, but it is not used to force validation.  You can save an address that is not mapped properly.